About Joe

Joe Nick’s accomplishments have spanned across military, law enforcement, academia, corrections and private sectors. He’s currently the Canine Academy Director for the John “Sonny” Burke Canine Academy in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Nick is responsible for developing the State of New Jersey Canine Cell Phone Program where he trains canines to locate cell phones in the prison system. He served on the New Jersey Attorney General’s panel for developing and instituting the state plan for use and training of law enforcement canine teams. He assisted in the training of the very first New Jersey State Police Canine Tracking School.

Joe served in the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division where his passion for canines began. After his service in the United States Army, he became a Correction Officer for the New Jersey Department of Corrections. He proudly served as a Trainer and Canine Officer for the New Jersey Department of Corrections for 24 years-retiring in 2010.

Currently, Nick has over 3,000 hours and over 30 years of military, police, corrections, canine, and civilian training in areas such as: law enforcement, canine tactical operations, comprehensive interviewing, Drug Recognition Expert, Drug Lab Awareness training, airborne school, amphibious warfare training, incident command, leadership, and a Master Training School.  Nick’s was involved in locating Megan Kanka (Megan’s Law Case) and has received thousands of Commendations, Awards, and Letters of Appreciation.

In addition to Nick position at the John “Sonny” Burke Canine Academy, his vast teaching experience and training make him a subject matter expert. He’s been involved in more than 300 cases involving missing persons, suicide, murder, escapes, and evidence recovery at crime scenes. He has extensive experience conducting street operations in support of municipal and state law enforcement.

Joe has worked with several agencies to establish procedures and guidelines to regulate the use of Police K-9 Units and other police personnel when a K-9 unit is used in the performance of official police duty.


 ScentWorks is a K-9 company that provides a variety of services in the world of detection. We have dog trainers with a combined 75 years of experience in training private, military and police dog teams from all over the tri-state area and Beyond. With all of our experience and knowledge, we have an edge on most K9 business today. 

We will provide the most accurate, efficient, honest and effective detection dogs and teams to help make every experience in today's world a safe one. It is our GOAL to ensure that families, friends and employees feel safe at home, the workplace, Church, places of leisure and schools. All of our dogs (and the sale of our K-9’s) are environmentally sound, social and task focused. With today's addiction epidemic and unsettling terrorism, our dogs, teams and trainers are subjected to a strict and very accurate training course to help them maintain the focus they need in making sure your Safety is #1 


We have nearly 100 years in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military, and Private Security Experience with more than 50 of those years handling and training canine teams. We training differently We have found a way to train some the smartest animals to detect a shooter BEFORE it happens. 

Skool Dogs are K9s that are trained differently than police or military dogs because the canine is trained to play with the person holding the gun and to identify scents of gunpowder. Because the dog has been training using play, the canine will also be friendly toward individuals. Since a K9 can hear better than any human handler, the Skool Dog is more likely to respond and to respond sooner and immediately in the right direction.