Want to learn how to train your dog to become a detection dog?


Joe 'The Bloodhound' Nick ...

Scent detection is one of the most popular workshops and training track he offers... because he is one of the best in his field. 

Regardless of your skill level, your dogs breed or the desired odor or article you would like your dog to find, Joe will give you the knowledge to teach your dog to find anything. Complete team development beginning to end. 

Personal training and working group seminars available our place or yours.

Class Information


Intro to Canine Scent Detection

Whether it is a puppy or adolescent dog, there is so much to be learned! This class covers how to create an individual comprehensive plan, as well as the specifics of building a strong, confident, detection dog from the foundation up. Be it a professional working dog team or competitive sport enthusiast...  the quest for the youngest, fastest, canine prodigy begins here. Focused group or private training to improve efficiency, scores, and training goals. 

For the young dog, there are factors to consider that best support the well-being and behavioral development of the your dog.  Beginner training includes not only what early steps to take for success as well as the pitfalls and shortcuts that can plague a team throughout careers. Content covered includes various odor imprint techniques, developing search behavior, Toy or Food Reward: The Why and How 

This class focuses on young dogs but will include many applicable ideas for the older but green dog that is just starting out. 


Advanced Canine Odor

This class will continue to build handler and dog team skills by adding more intricate and challenging training scenarios.  

Focus will include Improving skills in the following area: reading the search environment clear team communication, building a confident team through purposeful hide strategy. 

Option for this class to meet at various locations. 


Additional Training

The extensive scope and depth of knowledge acquired by Joe in his 37 years of canine instruction and handling is significant. 

If you have interest in any of the following areas or something you do not see here, please just ask.  

   Vehicle Search 

   Variable Surfiace Tracking

    Cadaver Dog Training


    Protection Dog

    K9 Security 

    Narcotic and Firearm Detection